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We are Clearspace, a group of architects,engineers and interior designers based in Accra and operating for clients worldwide. We’ve been designing stunningly beautiful houses and making clients happy for years.

Explore a wide variety of styles, personalize your finishes, and let us design the perfect home for you. It's what we do best and you can see proof in the products and reviews below.

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We build spaces which inspire people to live life to its full potential,

using creative design, innovative engineering and environmentally sustainable technology.

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We are a different kind of developer. We are innovators.

We are focused on developing and applying the latest technologies to build smarter, more energy efficient and cost efficient homes and office spaces.

We are ClearSpace.

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We set exacting standards and strive for consistency and precision in everything we do. We are committed to continuously improving our capabilities.



We take individual and collective responsibility for keeping our promises, acting ethically and demonstrating exemplary business conduct at all times because it is the right thing to do.


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We are dedicated to making every details look amazing. You can count on the fact that no thing slides and everything will look just right.



We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe surrounding to what will be your home. We take into consideration every need and make sure every person will feel protected.

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8 NME, Airport Res., Accra.

Regent Row





Ultra luxury smart home development in the heart of Airport residential area, Accra. From the moment you walk inside, you’ll know that you’ve walked into something special.

Designed with the contemporary family in mind, this home that manages to achieve that quintessential balance between luxury, function, art and technology It features four bedrooms, a walk in closet, two living rooms, parking for two cars, a generous outdoor area for hosting those barbecues and an optional swimming pool in each home.

A fully automated smart home computer within each house manages energy, security, media and temperature and allows you to control these functions remotely from your tablet or smart phone. Turn lights on and off, watch what's happening at home via a remote camera, open and close doors.

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10 Nme Street, Airport Res., Accra.

Victor Regent

TypeLuxury Apartments

StatusUnder Construction



This project was created to inspire you to live life to its full potential using creative design and smart technology, entrusted with the role of exalting the particular elements that makes The Victor Regent a contemporary architectural masterpiece.

The harmonious composition of hand-painted ceramic tiles, the great passion of the owners, wraps a long ribbon of steel like a decorative skin. The ribbon is used to articulate the double height spaces of a former eighteenth-century monastery, linking the building’s three levels.

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8 NME, Airport Res., Accra.

Fasyl Ghana

TypeOffice Space




The project is located in Airport Residential Accra, the heart of the cosmopolitan capital city.

Adapting local vernacular with contemporary sensibility, this design maximizes building area on a minimal lot with expansive circulation spaces merging a residential and corporate life through open spaces. By creatively redeisigning the workspace, our desgners generated a unified building facade with unique optic and haptic spatial characteristics.

The overall concept was devised as a free plan with overlapping spaces to allow flexibility. However, the movement was choreographed so as to unfold the layers as one moves along the vertical axis of the house.

Elwood, Australia.

The Elwood House

TypePrivate house




The Elwood House is a new residential dwelling with a separate garage and studio to the rear. The client’s brief was for a modern family home that was interesting and exciting but not to the detriment of the comfort to the occupants and within a sensible budget.

“The client wanted a house that was clean, distinctive and enjoyable to use without feeling like they were an object in their own home because it was of a contemporary design” says the architect, Patrick Jost.

Conceptually, the house is separated into two clearly defined elements to the upper and lower levels.

Washington, DC, United States.

Brandywine House

TypePrivate house




Located within close proximity to Rock Creek Park, and with easy access to the shops and restaurants on Connecticut Avenue, this large lot in Northwest Washington, DC presented a desirable opportunity for a young family to build a new house in this sought-after neighborhood.

Designed to respect both the scale of neighboring houses and the rhythm of the streetscape, the project aligns with adjacent houses while retaining the vast majority of mature trees and green space located between the street and the house. Materials composing the exterior, which include stone, wood and stucco, evoke traditional materials found throughout the neighborhood. The house appears relatively solid when viewed from the street with strategically placed windows insuring privacy to the street-facing spaces.

The “L” shaped house is organized around the outdoor living spaces and swimming pool, and is oriented towards the large, south facing rear yard.

New York City, NY, United States.






After rapid growth, ICRAVE, a New York-based experiential branding and design firm, made the move to an 8,000-square-foot studio with the intention of really making it their own. The space, designed by the ICRAVE team itself, goes beyond the notion of an open plan office — it is designed specifically to foster ICRAVE’s immersive, collaborative culture.

The design process was a collective effort of the entire ICRAVE studio. Dream sessions were held to harvest ideas, where team members examined different areas and said, “Now, what if we could have...,” giving everyone a chance to bring their ideas to the table. Among those options, ICRAVE then crowdsourced the best solution for each micro-environment, and created a one-of-a-kind office. The result is a truly collaborative office space that fosters employees' creativity, interaction, and inspiration.

The reception desk doubles as a DJ booth, and the entrance plays host to archery matches. The conference room features large monolithic doors that swivel 360 degrees to open and close the space as needed. The kitchen and conference room are separated by a chalkboard that can be raised to create bar seating next to the kitchen or lowered to be used in meetings.